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Khadi Natural Sandalwood & Kesar Moisturizer - Gentle Nourishment for Radiant Skin

Experience the luxurious blend of Sandalwood and Kesar in Khadi Natural Sandalwood & Kesar Moisturizer. Enriched with rare and certified components like sesame oil, wheat germ oil, and coconut oil, this herbal moisturizer is a powerhouse of gentle yet effective skincare. Daily use of this lightweight moisturizer provides proper nourishment, hydration, and addresses various skin concerns, leaving your skin brightened, rejuvenated, and free from marks, spots, and blemishes.

Key Features:

Gentle Yet Powerful: The goodness of Sandalwood and Kesar, combined with rare components, makes this moisturizer gentle yet powerful, suitable for daily use.

Proper Nourishment: Essential ingredients work together to nourish the skin from within, addressing dryness, dullness, and damage.

Brightening Complexion: Daily use of this moisturizer can help brighten the complexion by fading marks, spots, and blemishes, revealing a radiant and even skin tone.

Healing Properties: The healing properties of Sandalwood and Kesar contribute to repairing skin dryness and damage, promoting overall skin health.

Care Tips:

Best Results: For optimal results, use Khadi Natural Sandalwood & Kesar Moisturizer after using the Khadi Natural Sandalwood & Turmeric Body Wash.


Purified Water: The base ingredient for the moisturizer.

Mineral Oil: Contributes to the moisturizing properties of the product.

Turmeric (Curcuma Longa): Known for its anti-inflammatory and brightening properties.

Sandalwood Oil (Santalum Album): Renowned for its soothing and healing effects on the skin.

Saffron (Crocus Sativus Flower): Adds a touch of luxury and is known for its skin-brightening properties.

Glycerin: Acts as a humectant, attracting and retaining moisture in the skin.

Cruelty-Free Assurance:

Our commitment to ethical practices ensures that our products, including this moisturizer, are cruelty-free. We do not test on animals.

How to Use:

Take required amount: Take the required amount of Khadi Natural Sandalwood & Kesar Moisturizer.

Apply evenly: Apply the moisturizer evenly on the skin.

Massage gently: Using your hands, massage it gently on the skin until it gets completely absorbed.

Daily Use: Use it on a daily basis as needed, incorporating it into your skincare routine.

Elevate your skincare routine with the indulgent blend of Sandalwood and Kesar. Order now and experience the magic of gentle nourishment for radiant and rejuvenated skin. Your skin deserves the best care!

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